Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Book Of Magic Book I

The Books of Magic is a four-issue English-language comic book mini-series written by Neil Gaiman, published by DC Comics, and later an ongoing series under the imprint Vertigo. Since its original publication, the mini-series has also been published in a single-volume collection under the Vertigo imprint with an introduction by author Roger Zelazny. It tells the story of a young boy who has the potential to become the world's greatest magician.

In the first book, titled, The Invisible Labyrinth, the young, motherless Tim Hunter is accosted by four strangers in trench coats, who ask him a very important question, does he believe in magic. Tim is today’s kid. He doesn’t believe in magic. At best, he is baffled by the question. But, he is forced to listen to the strangers after one of them magically transforms his yoyo into an owl.

Soon after, Tim embarks on a magical journey with The Phantom Stranger, who introduces him to various magical creature of the DC universe.

Now, what is DC universe? It is the world of the DC comics, which looks like the real world, but inhabited by characters with special powers, including superheroes and other mysterious men and women who traverse not only on this plain but also numerous others, including the traditional heaven and hell, more hell than heaven, really.

The Phantom Stranger himself is a mysterious entity, who is previously said to have been an angel.

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