Monday, August 10, 2015

Tea and a choice of books at Laxman Rao’s shop in Delhi

Recently, a roadside tea vendor from Delhi became the toast of the media, especially at the social media sites (even BBC India picked up the story), and for a change, it was for a good reason. Meet 62-year-old Laxman Rao, who, at his Delhi ITO ‘tapdi’, will offer you a hot cup of tea and if you are interested, you can browse and probably purchase one of the 12 books he has published in Hindi. From Maharashtra, Rao came to Delhi in 1975, to be an author. He graduated from Delhi University and honed his writing skills by reading books available in Daryaganj book market. As his publishing dream did not come to fruition in the traditional way, he self published his first book in 1979. Before you dismiss him completely, he is a bestselling author. His novel Ramdas, published in 1992, has sold more than 4,000 copies. If you cannot visit him directly, his books are also available on eRatail sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Oh, he has a Wikipedia page as well.


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