Friday, August 14, 2015

Rest in peace Ravan and Eddie; Long live Kiran Nagarkar

This is an emerging trend on a popular social media site: Whenever a death is announced, everyone clamours to comment, with just one expression, ‘rest in peace’ or simply ‘RIP’. Recently, novelist Kiran Nagarkar published the last volume of his Ravan and Eddie trilogy, (after The Extras), called Rest in Peace. So, a random user quoted something from the book and posted it on the site, ending with the following, ‘Kiran Nagarkar, Rest in Peace.’ And, in no time, there was an avalanche of condolence messages (from users who obviously did not bother to read the complete message), so much so that the user, in a sensible move, decided to delete the post. We are sure, Nagarkar, the master of dark humour, would appreciate the irony. Here’s wishing him health and a long life.

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