Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gone Girl

This is a usual reaction after love goes sour. You want your partner to pay, make him repent for his mistakes. You are even willing to commit suicide to make him pay. But you also want to see him suffer…

In the new David Flincher movie, adopting from Gillian Flynn’s pulp bestseller, Gone Girl turns this notion in its head, and gives us a fascinating character, at once a hero and a villain, a woman like the force of nature, in Amy Elliot Dunn.

The film works primarily because Rosamund Pike’s Amy. She is utterly fascinating, and terrifying, but you cannot stop looking at her, you cannot stop listening to her.

She muses, after disappearing from her house, carefully implicating her husband, Nick, for her purported murder: “If I get everything right, the world will hate Nick, for killing his beautiful, pregnant wife. And after the outrage when I am ready, I will go out on the water with a handful of pills, and a pocket full of stones. And when they find my body they will know, Nick Dunn dumped his beloved like garbage. And she floated down past all the other abused, unwanted, inconvenient women.”

Radical feminism?

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