Monday, September 08, 2014


My father had a good job, technically, and technically, we were a small family of five people. Yet, he had more expenses than he could afford and during the growing up years, our living conditions were frugal. We loved books. So we had the library card. We loved comics as well. So we were allowed to buy one comic a month. This would have been okay, if our neighbourhood friend Tubloo did not have a huge collection of comics…

Believe you in me when I say that he had a trunk-full of comics, of all the superheroes, especially Superman. He was a nice kid and my best friend, and of course, he shared his comics with me, and even allowed me to borrow them. Yet, I was not fully satisfied. I not only wanted to read them, I wanted to own them. My own. My precious. That would not happen.

Now, years later, I am fulfilling my superhero dreams, via different medium. I have seen and own all the superhero movies that came in the recent years and, since I moved to Delhi, I am living this second childhood through these superhero t-shirts. I buy them not just to wear, but to own them, as a compensation for not being able to own my own comics all those years ago.

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