Monday, February 17, 2014

True Detective

I don’t know where the trend started, but after western movies, Indian audiences are now addicted to American television shows. You must blame the internet and piratebay and all those streaming sites. American sitcoms have been imported to India since the arrival of cable television, with the arrival of Star TV. They were showing Friends and The Bold and Beautiful. But, by the time they would come to India, it would already be old news in the country of their origin. (For example, we got to see Sex in the City several years later, that too, on a late night slot. Same is the case with Lost.)

Things are now changing. Now, Indian audiences are watching shows as they premier in US television. It’s empowering to be on the same page with the American counterparts, read the reviews on the internet and comment on them, discuss the episodes with friends. (Case in point, Game of Thrones.)

So, I am seeing True Detective, as it is being playing on American television. And I am seeing it on my computer, one day later. I usually do not like television serials, especially long, high profile ones, where you begin to like the character and when you expect the payoff, there is none. They just continue to extend the story beyond the logical point. (Case in point, Lost, Fringe)

But the good thing about True Detective is that the story will take only 10 episodes. That roughly 10 hours. I can endure it. And I want to see what Cary Fukunaga does this time. I loved his debut film Sin Nombre while no one else seemed to care about it much. I still love that film. I did not care about his version of Jane Eyre, but others seemed to like it.

And I love the Louisiana setting. And the background music. And Woody Harrelson.

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