Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Original Sin

When it was released, Original Sin was reviled, for everything, bad acting, bad execution, everything. The only subject of discussion was the long, almost explicit love-making scene between Banderas and Jolie. The film is still reviled. People still love the love-making scene. The scene becomes all the more important after the latest Angelina Jolie decision.

All this may be because the film fell short in the comparison with the François Truffaut film ‘Mississippi Mermaid, based on the same source material, the 1947 novel ‘Waltz into Darkness’ by Cornell Woolrich.

I’ve not seen the French film. But I love Original Sin. There’s something about Banderas-Jolie chemistry, despite the bad acting, oh yes, the acting was bad, with Ms Jolie pouting her enormous lips for all possible expression. But I love the film.

Original Sin is a 2001 erotic thriller film starring Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas. It is based on the novel Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich, and is a remake of the 1969 Francois Truffaut film Mississippi Mermaid. Jolie was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award in 2001 for Worst Actress for her work in Original Sin and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Mississippi Mermaid (French: La sirène du Mississipi) is a 1969 French romantic drama film directed by François Truffaut and starring Catherine Deneuve and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Adapted from the 1947 novel Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich, the film is about a tobacco planter on Réunion island in the Indian Ocean who becomes engaged through correspondence to a woman he does not know. When she arrives it is not the same woman in the photo, but he marries her anyway. Filmed in southern France and Réunion island, Mississippi Mermaid was the 17th highest grossing film of the year in France with a total of 1,221,027 admissions.

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