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Spellbound (Teus Olhos Meus, 2011) is a Brazilian film, which is queer in more ways than one. Among other things, it’s a story of a man who was in love with a woman before he turned gay, and he could never forget her. So far so good. Then, when his personal life takes a tumble and he meets a young musician, Gil, who too is finding his way in this world. They meet, and fall in love, despite Gil claiming that he was never attracted to men, and we are treated to some nice poetic moments.

Then a secret is revealed and the film goes to hell, especially when the director refuses to take a stand post the revelation and ends the film in a tearing hurry. So much for a suspenseful build up!

Written and directed by: Caio Sóh; starring Emilio Dantas, Remo Rocha and Paloma Duarte
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Soulbound (2011); Teus Olhos Meus (original title)
Director: Caio Sóh
Writer: Caio Sóh
Genre: Drama
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Year: 2011
Duration: 105 min

A boozing, pot-smoking and penniless Brazilian musician is kicked out of his uncle's home in "Soulbound," though he conveniently bumps into a wealthy music producer whose relationship with his b.f. has just hit rock-bottom. Directorial debut from Brazilian scribe-helmer Caio Soh has a youthful freshness and flair for off-the-cuff poetry that compensate for many of its beginners' mistakes, though a telenovela-worthy final twist undermines the otherwise nicely modulated emotional arcs. Bound for the indie and queer circuits as well as ancillary, the pic should also convince a local producer to invest time and money in this rough talent's second feature.
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