Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adil Hussain

Is it just me who finds Adil Hussain just so handsome? Seriously, I do find him freakishly handsome. Since I saw ‘Agent Vinod’. He was the best thing about the film. And I did not know anything about him before. Not much, anyway. My maternal uncle would talk about him because Adil Hussain is from the same district where he works. Local hero! And I had heard from others in the know that he’s a fantastic actor, who hasn’t yet gotten his due credit.

Adil Hussain is around for a while, whether we know or not, and it looks like finally, it’s his time to shine, just like Nawazuddin Siddiqui did this year. This is another great actor languishing in obscurity till a series of plum roles in the span of one year or so catapults him to stardom; look at the roll call of film, Kahaani’, ‘Gangs of Wesseypur’, ‘Patang’, Miss Lovely’, ‘Dekh Indian Circus’… the future is only brighter.

This can be Adil Hussain’s year as well, despite ‘Agent Vinod’ biting the dust in box office, what with the Sridevi comeback vehicle ‘English Vinglish’ making all the right noises. It premiered in Toronto film festival to very positive reviews. Here Adil Hussain plays the roles of the diva’s husband, and understandably, he wouldn’t get much screen time, but if the film manages to be a hit, the actor will surely grab some eyeball. It’s all this guy needs, some notice.

And, if you haven’t notice him, you must be blind.

Am I proud of him because he’s a fellow Assamese? Of course, I am.

[Thanks to Facebook, following a few click, I was in Adil Hussain’s page, and into his photo album. This picture is from THERE.]

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  1. oh dude, you are so not alone! Adil Hussain is extremely handsome, i agree.