Sunday, March 04, 2012

Says the Pilgrim:

“It’s inevitable.

“You do get what you want. Only, by then, it’s too late. This is the tragedy of life.

“I know one day I will see my dreams come true. I have reasonable dreams, you see.

“I’ll have to wait.

“Tragedy is, I cannot just wait till it happens.

“Till it happens, I’d have to find a substitute, something else, a consolation prize.

“And then, one day, your dream materialises, out of the blue, and you are forced to accept it, even if you don’t want it anymore. You ordered for it, after all.

“This is the tragedy of life.

“By now, you have learnt to be happy with the substitute; you have consoled yourself with the consolation prize.

“This is the tragedy of life.

“One life is never enough, and what you get is half-a-life...”

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