Sunday, May 29, 2011

Course Design

The following is a tentative course design on English Literature for undergraduate students that I jot down for a friend. I have no idea how it can be implemented:

The following are the titles of the course, and the prescribed texts for each course. I haven’t added the objectives of the courses (What the course entrails and what we intend to achieve).

Title of the Topic:
“I Was Born Free as Caesar; So Were You...”:
Individual Will and the Politics of the State in William Shakespeare

Prescribed texts:
Julius Ceaser
The Tempest
Titus Andronicus
Henry IV, Part I
Troilus and Cressida

Title of the Topic:
Of Nature & Nurture: Love and Life in English Romantic Poetry

Prescribed texts:
William Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
William Wordsworth: The Prelude
Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Rime of the Ancient Mariner
George Gordon, Lord Byron: Don Juan "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage"
Percy Bysshe Shelley: Prometheus Unbound, "Adonais", "Ode to the West Wind", "Ozymandias"
John Keats: Great Odes "Hyperion", "Endymion"

Title of the Topic:
The Madwoman in the Attic: Reading Women’s Writing in 19th Century England

Prescribed texts:
Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre
Emily Brontë: Whuthering Heights
Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility
George Eliot: Middlemarch
Elizabeth Gaskell: Mary Barton

Title of the Topic:
“...To Hold as ’Twere the Mirror up to Nature”: British Fiction in a Society in Transition

Prescribed texts:
Sir Walter Scott: Rob Roy
W M Thackeray: Vanity Fair
Charles Dickens: Great Expectations
H G Wells: The War of the World
R L Stevenson: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
H Rider Haggard: King Solomon's Mines
Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness
Thomas Hardy: Tess of the d'Urbervilles
Rudyard Kipling: Kim
Aldous Huxley: Brave New World
Virginia Woolf: To The Lighthouse
E. M. Forster: Passage to India
Evelyn Waugh: Brideshead Revisited
D. H. Lawrence: Women in Love
Vladimir Nabokov: Pale Fire
Graham Greene: The End of the Affair
George Orwell: 1948
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express
Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange
Arthur C. Clarke: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Ayn Rand: The Fountainhead
William Golding: Lord of the Flies
Salman Rushdie: Shame
Ian McEwan: Atonement

Title of the Topic:
“... A Hard Time We Had of It”: Individual Talents in the Tradition of Modern British Poetry

Prescribed authors:
Rupert Brooke
Robert Graves
D. H. Lawrence
Walter de la Mare
Siegfried Sassoon
Wilfred Owen
Rudyard Kipling
Gertrude Stein
T. S. Eliot
Ezra Pound
W. H. Auden
Stephen Spender
Cecil Day-Lewis
Louis MacNeice
John Betjeman
Stevie Smith
Keith Douglas
Dylan Thomas
Philip Larkin
Thom Gunn
Donald Davie
Seamus Heaney
Ted Hughes
Benjamin Zephaniah

Title of the Topic:
Because They Too Have a Voice: Rights, Equality and the Literature from the Margin

Prescribed texts/authors:
Dr B R Ambedkar: Selected Writings
Jyotirao Phule: Selected Writings
Malcolm X: Selected Writings
Harriet Beecher Stowe: Uncle Tom's Cabin
Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Jean Genet: The Thief’s Journal
Tony Morrison: Beloved
Sashi Deshpande: That Long Silences
Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart
Maya Angelou: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Simone de Beauvoir: The Second Sex
Kamala Das: My Story
Laxman Gaikwad: Uchalaya (Branded)
Mahasweta Devi: Draupadi
Michel Facault: Selected Writings

Title of the Topic:
Seeing Things: Literary Theories and the Politics of Representation

Prescribed texts/topics:
From Structuralism to Deconstruction and post-post modern writing and everything in between...

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