Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Letter to the Editor

Something needs to be done about the rickshaw federations and their demand for fare hike, each time fuel prices go up. It has become a ritual now, and it’s not helping anyone. After the RTA rejected their latest demand, they have threatened to go on a strike. They very well will do so, and in the bargain, we, the citizens, will suffer. I do sympathise with the rickshawdrivers. Like everyone else, they too need to make a living. But then, the same applies to others as well. The rising fuel prices affects not just the rickshawdrivers, but everyone else. Does this mean that the vada-pav vendor too should start changing extra, and our employers better raise our salaries too! I do support the fight for the right, if it is right!

— Udaysanker Sarma

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