Saturday, February 16, 2008

Being Alive: Contents

Being Alive

Chapter 1
Beyond Thousand Nights
Biplob in Delhi; Garima’s married life, Biplob meets Rajneesh, Biplob trying to meet Garima; Biplob gets an invitation…

Chapter 2
Memorial Pillars, Reminding Man’s Seed
Biplop’s tale: he’s back to his house, his delusions, his childhood, brief history of Assam …

Chapter 3
Everlasting, Unflagging a Sky
Garima’s tale: her love affair with Biplob; Maya, Maya’s police officer brother Rajiv, Guwahati University, student politician Mritunjay, Garima’s coming in terms with Biplob as a terrorist… Garima’s family history

Chapter 4
I can lose what I want, and I want you
Biplop in cotton College, Kalitada’s story, travel, love outside the world: From Cotton college to Kachin; and return; the myth of Guwahati, Luit, Kamakhya, the undead,

Chapter 5
Two Hours of Sadness is the Peace of Leisure
Garima’s story, Guwahati present, Parag, Mritunjoy, Pathak – till the break up of the organization…

Chapter 6
Story of the house…
Biplob’s story beginning with Purandar till Biplob’s father and Biplob and return to the present again…

Chapter 7
The end, my only friend
Biplob’s story: Kalitada’s story, deaths one by one, breakdown of the organization, Kalitada’s death, Biplob’s reaction, his surrender, Biplob’s visit to Garima, and running away

Chapter 8
The beginning
Rajneesh invites Biplob, Garima nervous, the face-to-face, demand of the flower, Biplob was already dead, dead somewhere in the dark jungles of Partkai hills, but he’ll live forever, in Garima’s heart, in her progeny…

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