Saturday, November 03, 2007

Strangely Disconnected

Perfect Stranger

Directed by: James Foley
Starring: Halle Berry (Rowena Price), Bruce Willis (Harrison Hill), Giovanni Ribisi (Miles Haley), Richard Portnow (Narron)

As the film ends and the credits start rolling in an aesthetically done background, you feel cheated - actually worse - what the hell? Why did they just murder such a good story. It was a good story for a thriller, a whodunit. The screenwriter and the director probably did not know how to do it. So they turned it into, be-lieve it or not, into a triangular love story. The result is bizarre and not at all satisfying.
Halle Berry is gorgeous, sexy but when it comes to acting, she not the best, despite the Oscar statuette under her belt - and when she gets hyper, she looks and acts pathetic.
And Willis? Here's greatest example of a good actor choosing the worse role of his career. He does not get the chance to do anything, not even a proper romance with Berry babe, though the film spends an inordinate amount of time pitching one against the other. - but there's no chemistry, no spark, because the story does not just go anywhere, as the characters spend their time scheming and chatting and looking good.
And when the truth is revealed, you are sufficiently bored to really care.
She's a journalist, very pissed with her life and currently in-vestigating the murder of her best friend. The suspect is one Harrison Hill, a hot-shot ad man. She flings herself to him... and Mr Charming goes to jail.
But the true is elsewhere, and as one character puts it, it's almost poetic, only that it's a very badly made film.

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