Friday, November 02, 2007

Horror tale from inside

Blade trilogy
Directed by: Stephen Norrington/ Guillermo Del Toro
Starring: Wesley Snipes (Blade / Eric Brooks / 'The Day-walker'), Stephen Dorff (Deacon Frost), Kris Kristofferson (Abraham Whistler)

Vampire was Count Dracula. It could not get better or worse than that. Until Blade came along. Wesley Snipes changed the en-tire dynamics of how we look at vampires, projecting a black anti-hero persona fighting a whole lot of white blood-sucking vampires - with a host of fantastic weapons and his mighty sword.
There is something operatic about the entire get-up of Snipes' character that makes the series of three films more endearing.
What's different between Blade and other films of the genre is that, Blade tells the story from inside. There are no human vic-tims fighting the supernatural forces. It supernatural versus su-pernatural, never mind if the background happens to be today's Los Angeles. And fighting is the integral part of the whole film, yet it does not shy away from showing emotions, especially Blade's angst over who he really is, a reality that he can't escape.
When pregnant, Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire. She dies but the offspring survives. carrying within him the vampire genes.
And now, he has all the strengths of the vampires and none of their weaknesses, except for the thirst (for blood). Unlike other vampires, he can easily endure the sun, hence he's called Day-walker, and together with his mentor Whistler, he has just one mission in life, to destroy vampires and find the one who killed his mother.
Mighty scope for blood-cuddling action-adventure, the all the three films deliver, to the last drop of blood.

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