Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Yellow Evening

The yellow leaf of the banyan tree falls with the
Yellow evening
And the smile less smile on my face
Mrs. Barua switches on the lights
Don't look at my daughter that way Akan
Why, look at me. When I am around
Why do you have to look somewhere else?
Are my cheeks not supple?
Are my…
I do use the cream my husband sent for me
Her husband lives abroad. But she stayed back
For, the kids must learn their own culture
Don't sit that way Anadi; I cannot see your face.
Huh, your eyes are wicked.
You liked my new dress?
He is a nice man—but…
Are you?
I dream about the dinner to be followed.
Her dal-rice is out of the world.
My husband—
You know Mrs. Saikia
She is so—
You know, this lady Bandana?
She asked me once, if I would work in a movie
My husband said no. He is so busy
He doesn't have even time to eat
He keeps calling me
But I don't like to go to abroad
He has to stay there. Money is a different proposition.
I wonder what he might be doing now
(Sleeping with someone?)
Thinking about me?
And dreams about the place where her husband lives
Hey where are you looking at?
Look at me
He never thinks about me
She blushes
Her pallu slips over her shoulders,
Does Akan? Hey, I am talking to you.
The yellow evening dies.


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