Sunday, October 29, 2006

Present Perfect

“I’ve quit,” he announced one evening
As we sat and sipped tea, that
If I were to write this story, I’d have said:
“…and the cup fell from my hand,
Splitting tea all over…”
I relished the tea, kept the cup on the table
And stared at him
“Ain’t you surprised?”

I was surprised very much.
The job was more than a livelihood to him
It was the living proof of his existence.

But he wanted to do something else in life,
To climb the Mt Everest, for instance
Or at least to try for it

I said no, I wasn’t
“Tell me, did I do any wrong?”
You tell me, I asked
“I’ll miss the job,” his eyes were moist
“The company, the perk, you and all others…
“Forget it
“It’s my decision and I’ll reap it
“Now, it’s me, it’s me
“Now, it’s I and the world…

Forget fortunetelling, tarot cards
His present is picture perfect.


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