Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lopamudra Mitra Sings Benimadhob

Lopamudra Mitra sings Joy Goswami’s Benimadhob.

Benimadhob, Benimadhob, I want you!
Benimadhob, do you remember me?
Benimadhob, when you played your magic tune
in the forest, I was at Malati School,
solving sums on the desk, a small class room;
outside the teacher was with her groom.
I was in class nine, I was in the line
Then Benimadhob, we met at Surekha’s house.


Benimadhob, Benimadhob, it’s a long time.
Tell me the truth, do you remember me?
Have you told you lover the stories — Just
one day I saw her with you and I witnessed
that dazzling light beneath your dazzle;
I agree you did suit each other. The sight
cooled my eyes, the sight blazed my eyes;
returning home, I said let them be happy.

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