Monday, September 19, 2016

On the occasion of the 89th birthday of the doyen of Hindi poetry, the Master, Kunwar Narain, this is a treasure I discovered at the poet’s CR Park residence the other day – a selection of Kunwar Narain’s poems in Assamese translation. The book, Kunwar Narain-r Kabita, has been translated by Prayag Saikia and has been published by Krantikal Prakashan, Nagaon in 2011. It was a matter of personal pride to have discovered the book at the residence of poet. As someone who has read Kunwar Narain’s poems both in original Hindi and English translations, and has heard the poet read his own work, I can vouch for the Assamese translation – they are indeed very good. Do read!

Wishing the poet a very happy birthday!

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