Monday, December 14, 2015

I am Your Poet, Ramashankar Vidrohi

The art of reading a poem, according to Ramashankar Vidrohi:

“A tiger sleeps on my front pocket. Fear not, I have trained the tiger in such a way that you’d not even realise he exists on my pocket. …It’s easy to recite a poem when you have a tiger on your front pocket. Today, I am reciting poems among my friends. Hence I have just one tiger on me. When I recite my poems over there, where the enemies live, alone, on my own, then I have two tigers on me. Then I wear my red shirt, the shirt you appreciated so much. It has two pockets on the front, for my two tigers. I recite my poems and my tigers do not sleep, they smoke their bidis and intermittently draw rings of smoke…”

(Overheard in the Youtube video, ‘Main Tumhara Kavi Hoon, I am Your Poet, Ramashankar Vidrohi.’)

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