Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lachit Borphukar

Is the rightwing hijacking Lachit Borphukan now?
Today is the birth anniversary of the great Ahom general, and in the rightwing organisations have taken upon themselves the duty to introduce Lachit to the world, as ‘the great son of Sanatan Dharma.’
And, the war he fought with the Mughals? It was the war against the ‘infidels’, check the following link,
But Lachit wasn’t a Hindu, as we know the religion today. He was an Ahom first. And he wasn’t fighting for one community. He was fight for the sovereignty of a state against foreign invaders. And Assam, even during the Ahoms, was never about one particular community, especially, never about one particular religion. Assam is nothing if not multicultural, in every sense of the word.
For another fictional account for the Lachit story, check this link:

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