Monday, August 31, 2015

Above the clouds, above Guwahati.

I clicked this photo during a flight from Delhi to Guwahati. It was monsoon reason, yet that day, the sky was clear and the clouds were fluffy white. And it was a completely weird feeling regarding the clouds from above. Normally, I would look at the cloud from below. This time I had a vantage point.

And it was a gaze that could make you feel profoundly lonely and profoundly insignificant.

As I mulled over the meaning of life looking at the clouds and thinking, what will happen, right now, if the flight lost its control and went down, and then, without any warning, I was humming this silly song from that silly movie called Khel (1992), ‘…naa hai zameen naa aasman, laye kaha ho hamko… badal nagar hai meraa ghar, laya jahan hu tumko …”

An anticlimax!

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