Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Finally, I caught up with PK. And, I have nothing to add. It is a smartly written movie, sometimes too smart for its own good.

On a lighter note, there is one detail I could not handle. It made me very angry. How dare the Archeological Survey of India allow an alien to take shelter in Agrasen ki Baoli (in the film it is Ugrasen ki Baoli) off Hailey Road near Barakhamba Road in Delhi. And, where is the security guard when this reporter girl came to visit the alien?

You see, I have a reason to complain, because the security guard would not allow me, a legitimate citizen, to enter the place after six in the afternoon. Recently, before the film was released, I went there with a friend. We reached the place dot on six and the security guy would not let us in.

(PS. He was a nice person though. After much cajoling, he finally allowed us to have a dekko for a minute. It was, of course, worth it. It is a magnificent monument, even without the water.)

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