Thursday, February 19, 2015

I was in a hotel recently. Job. It was a small, cosy space, which had at least five mirrors. I mean, wherever you turn, an image of you will stare back. It was unnerving, almost nightmarish…

Then I found Jorge Luis Borges talking about mirrors. Then it made sense…

Says Borges: “As a small boy, whenever I saw myself reflected in a large mirror, I felt all the horror of the wraith-like doubling or multiplication of reality. Mirrors, with their never-failing mimicry, their pursuit of each of my movements, their pantomime of the world, seemed eerie to me. If a mirror hangs in a room, I can no longer be alone there: someone else is present. God created the forms of the mirror to show man that he is but a reflection, that all is vanity; this is why mirrors frighten us.”

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