Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My first home in New Delhi. At Harijan Basti, Patpargunj village, Mayur Vihar Phase I.

I came to Delhi with a just a bag, from Pune, on 2 December 2012. After staying five days in the office guesthouse, I shifted to this house, the first house that the broker showed me, a one room affair, with a small kitchen and the toilets outside. But I got the entire floor for myself, which was nice, but there were no windows to the house, which was not nice. A month later, my landlord appears and introduces me to another person who was with him and tells me, “This is your new landlord. I sold the house.” So, we got into another agreement, though the rent remained the same, and the landlord was mostly nonexistent as he had a busy job and he stayed far away.

Now, two year and one month later, it’s bye bye my first home in Delhi. I must go and explore other habitats.

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