Monday, December 01, 2014

At the Palate Fest Food Festival, in Nehru Park, on Saturday, November 29, 2014.

The come-and-eat show had food from countries like Turkey, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, China and other parts of Asia, though there were very few Indian representation, barring Punjabi food, of course.

Which is understandable; for one thing, the festival was located at one of most tony areas in Delhi, surrounded by embassies, diplomats and high-level government officials in Chanakyapuri. So, obviously, they would prefer fancy foods, at a fancy price, as well.

That’s the reason why some of the city’s luxury hotels have also set up stalls. And that’s the reason why there was also a market selling organic produce.

My vegetarian friend had another problem, finding a good vegetarian dish (he finally settled for the good ol’ chole-bhature from Punjabi By Nature); he wanted to eat some hot stuff, hot, both in terms of spicy and in terms of being heated. Most of the food served was cold. We did try some olives at the Spanish food stall. But it was cold.

Finally, I settled for a veg falafel from the Turkish Embassy stall, supporting my friend’s choice of food. It too was cold; but it was sufficiently spicy.

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