Friday, November 07, 2014

I had posted the pictures of my book on Facebook and lot of people had liked and commented on it. More than a month later, I wrote the feedback; I was struggling to put the book in I am not a workman type, and it’s a constant struggle to present myself in front of the world./

Here is the note./

Thank you all my friends for your best wishes. My apologies for the delayed reply. My job is killing me, and I had other demons to fight, and I am not very good at being a zombie. There you are. Finally, the book is in Please find the following link and please, please buy the book. I am sure you can afford it. Support this experiment. This is a micro-level self-publishing exercise, where once you buy the book from Amazon, I will have to pack the book and post it for you. If nothing else, I can send you a signed copy. I am likely to trouble you with more news about the book once I am human again. Thank you for your support.

Here is the link:/

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