Monday, October 27, 2014

American Horror Story: Freaks

Clearly Glee-creator Ryan Murphy is having too much fun in the American Horror Story series.

The fourth season begins and it’s called Freak Show. Which is obviously a freak show circus, set in a fictional town in the 60s. And, there are the typical freaks you would expect, like the bearded ladies and the Siamese twins, and other such.

Apparently, there is also a man with an enormous penis, and of course, there is Jessica Lange, who will manipulate the whole proceedings until the last episode, as she did in all previous American Horror Story shows.

I really liked the first season. Murder House. I did not see the second season, Asylum. I did not really focus on the third season, Coven. Too much of drama, I should say.

Apparently, the sense of drama, and gore and blood just reached a notch higher in Freak Show.

Let the fun begin.

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