Monday, September 01, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain American Writes: As some who has just woken up from cryonic sleep under the sea since the World War II, Steve Rogers AKA Captain America needs to do some serious learning and fast. And he is doing it, with bravado, keeping notes on things he needs to experience. These include, the television serial I Love Lucy, Moon Landing (oh my!), Berlin Wall (up and down), really, the wall was erected and then demolished all the while he was asleep, man, Steve Jobs (a must I guess), Disco (why?), Thai Food (ok), Star Wars/Trek, Nirvana (not the philosophy, but the band,) Rocky (Rocky II), Troubleman Soundtrack by Marvin Gaye. That’s whole lot of pop culture, cap!

Captain America Reads: The captain needs to read too, to keep up. He does it by reading two volumes of the history of Second World War, and a biography of George W H Bush. He is also reading a book called Madam President, and on his shelf, there is also a book called Never Surrender. I wonder if it is a real book!

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