Monday, June 09, 2014

The Third Testament

The official blurb/

A monastery is burned to the ground; every monk within killed. It now falls to Conrad of Marburg, a disgraced Inquisitor, to discover the motive for this heinous crime and make sure that those responsible are punished...

But his journey into darkness is only beginning!

A medieval thriller and a swashbuckling 14th century relic quest - Indiana Jones meets The Name of the Rose!

The real Conrad/

Konrad von Marburg (sometimes anglicised as Conrad of Marburg; (Born 1180-died 30 July 1233) was a medieval, German priest and nobleman. He was commissioned by the pope to combat the Albigensians.

Konrad von Marburg is pictured as the main character in the French comic strip "The Third Testament" by Xavier Dorison and Alex Alice. After hiding for 20 years after being sentenced to death by an Inquisition Tribunal framed by Henry of Sayn, a mellowed and weary Konrad again faces the mysterious Count of Sayn in a race to find a legendary document, the “Third Testament”. The story is a 4-part suite published by GlĂ©nat.

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