Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Big Fix

Cricket is the country’s national past-time, and it is a wonder that so far no author has tackled this in a crime thriller (especially when there have been enough crimes in the game). Now, Vikas Singh’s The Big Fix fills the void.

The book is a classic thriller, involving a woman crime reporter and a police inspector, even though you feel that the twist at the end occurs very fast.

Another thing that sort of bothers you is the heroic quality of the male protagonist, the captain of the cricket team. Yet, you will find it hard to object to Singh’s choices, because of his almost infectious love for the game.

The book contains several scenes of the game actually being played on the field, with Singh giving us a blow by blow commentary, and the way it is written, it’s nothing sort of a miracle. He describes each and every feeling on the pages, so much so that you feel as if you are watching the game yourself.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why the author failed to dig deep into the crime aspect, which is, obviously, match-fixing.

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