Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Agrasen Ki Baoli

The incomparable Raghu Rai clicked a similar shot of this monument in the 1970s, which went on to become one of his most iconic pictures. In that picture, there was water on the fabled stepwell, and the photograph captured a young boy in a mid-jump to the water below.

Today, Agrasen ki Baoli, also called Urgasen ki Baoli, is a dry and desolate place, a forgotten ‘historic’ monument amidst the modern high-rises on Haily Road, off Barakhamba Road in New Delhi, a refuge for young lovers.

Legend says the stepwell was built by Krishna’s father Urgasen. However, historians believe it was the built by a chieftain of the Agarwal community during the Sultanate period of Delhi’s history.

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  1. Very informative post on Agrasen ki Baoli. Earlier, people used to build temple steps to reserve water in ancient India. Since the water had dried up and Baoli is just a dry reservoir now. It is one of the most haunted places of India. People often call it 'Baoli of the unseen'. Check out more about Agrasen ki baoli.