Saturday, May 25, 2013

One dream is not enough.

You keep your eyes open and dream three
Dreams simultaneously
Like in the tale the drunken storyteller tells other
People’s children, where he invents a new hero
Every evening while the task remains the
Same; the task he cannot complete.

The three dreams converge and intermingle
They encroach upon each other’s landscape
Here the mighty river is a highway, there cities
Float, here lifeless trees sprout flame, there savages
Make you their saviour, and before they can consume
You, escape to the other dream and kill yourself.

One dream is not enough.

The three dreams merge into one giant
Dream and disintegrate into million tiny ones
Each dream, now they wear the other’s
Aspirations, each crossover to others, weddings
Replace funerals, men lose their tongues, and
Jackals feast on them in their palaces of sawdust.

The three dreams begin to fester, they are now
Nightmares, white and faceless, like a summer day
They wage war and consume the seeds of the
Gulmohar tree you climbed when you were 10, the playground
Outside your first school, the name of your best friend and
You, who are now digesting inside the belly of a nightmare.

One dream is not enough.

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