Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seven Psychopaths

Martin McDonagh’s follow-up to his great ‘In Bruges’, ‘Seven Psychopaths’ may not be as perfect as the earlier film was, but, this movie about movie is filled with film in-jokes which themselves make up for the meandering plot as the film itself lose it in the desert. (For example, the film discusses how in Hollywood action films women are there just to be killed, and how it’s not a good thing, the film ends up doing the same, giving the two leading ladies just one scene each.)

Here, Christopher Walken’s Hans defends the ‘fags’ while defending the importance of dream sequences in the film the central character, Colin Farrell, is writing, saying: “By the way, I don’t think they being called ‘fag’ anymore. I think nowadays, they prefer ‘homos’.
As ‘political correctness’ hangs itself, our psycho character replaces one offensive word with another…

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