Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seven Psychopaths

Martin McDonagh’s follow-up to his great ‘In Bruges’, ‘Seven Psychopaths’ is less a movie about, well, psychopaths, and more about movies in general, and Hollywood in particular. Here, the central character is a screenplay writer, who, we are told is great, but going though a writer’s block. He needs to write a script and all he has is the title, the aforementioned title of the present film.

To top this, Marty the writer is also an alcoholic. After he’s thrown out of his house by his girlfriend after a drinking binge, Marty comes to accept that he may as well be a drunkard. His friend, an actor turned a dog-kidnapper, who is actually two psychopaths rolled into one, played with brazenness by Sam Rockwell, gives him a pep-talk, staying that it’s not his fault that he’s an alcoholic; it’s after all a part of his Irish heritage.

Says Billy: “It’s part of your heritage. You’re fucked. You were fucked from birth. Spanish have got bullfighting. The French got cheese. And the Irish has got alcoholism.”

Marty asks the next logical question: “And what have the American got?”

“Tolerance,” Billy answer, in a dead-serious tone. And that’s what it makes it so funny!

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