Sunday, December 30, 2012

The International

As I sat down to enjoy the latest James Bond flick a month or so back, the first it reminded me of Tom Tykwer, ‘The International’ (Ironically, Tykwer’s new film, ‘Cloud Atlas’, which he has co-directed with Wachowski siblings.), for, ‘Skyfall’ begins where ‘The International’ ended, in the cramped market of old Istanbul, and its tiled roofs.

‘The International’ is a spy thriller which discusses economy as the next big threat to the world politics and world peace, where an Interpol investigator, Agent Salinger (Clive Owen) discovers a plot hatched by an international bank, and manages to detain the banks senior advisor, a communist party leader from old Germany, played with unwavering dignity by Armin Mueller Stahl, who says, it doesn’t matter what he wanted, the reality is always punishing.

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