Monday, November 12, 2012

The Everlasting Secret Family

Synopsis for the 1988 Australian queer drama 'The Everlasting Secret Family' (1988): A beautiful, if ambitious and amoral, youth is tapped to become the lover of a powerful senator. The young man quickly realizes that he can hold this place, with all its perks, only as long as he is young. He has no other function than being young. With the help of an aged judge, the young man, referred to only as The Lover, contrives a plan to make a change in the way of the world, a plan that will take him years to realize. To succeed, he must manipulate, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, the senator, his wife, the family chauffeur (who was, when young, a lover), and, by implication, the entire well-planned and controlling everlasting secret family.
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The Everlasting Secret Family might just be one of the darkest queer movies of all time. A secret society of wealthy, closeted gay men recruits beautiful young men as its playthings. But one "plaything" wants to stay young forever. I love the way he gasps, "Experiment - on me!" in the above clip. This beautiful youth, who resembles a young David Bowie at times, manages to achieve his goal: He stays young and lovely for an extra 14 years. He's the lover of a powerful Australian minister. And he needs every iota of his gorgeousness to fend off challenges from the minister's chauffeur (who was employed as a "lover" when he was younger) and the minister's wife (who pretty much figures out that she's a beard.) More than that, though, our hero is trying to create a new role for himself, outside of the rigid strictures of the Everlasting Secret Family - neither lover nor servant, but something special. To this end, he becomes the lover of both the minister and his young son.
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Sports day at an exclusive Australian boys' school. One of the gorgeous youths, watched by a sinister black-clad figure, is whisked off to a hotel room, divested of clothes and ravished. As he doesn't object, he's taken to a party and seduced by a Japanese gent who insists on doing things to him with a large live crab. Next he undergoes an initiation ceremony à la Knights Templar and joins 'the family', an ancient sex ring which wreaks terrible punishment on those who blab. From then on, it's a confused tale of the boy's attempt to flee, his search for eternal youth, and his burgeoning relationship with his master's son, with lots of male nudity and some fairly explicit sex. All the gay characters are 'elderly pervert' stereotypes, cruel, calculating and vampirish. Yet, for a film that takes so rigidly homophobic a stance, an awful lot of time is spent dwelling on youthful tanned muscles and taut buttocks. Revolting, ludicrous, infuriating and often (blush) very erotic, it's about nothing but self-hatred.
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If the link is still working, watch the complete film here in Youtube.

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