Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We were discussing 3D films. After ‘Titanic’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ was re-released in 3D in the recent days and three-dimension proving to be the future of cinema, we were discussing which old movie we’d like to see in 3D, and I remembered Kevin Costner’s ‘Waterworld’. The film was one of the biggest flops of its time and it almost destroyed Costner’s career, since the film was insanely expensive to make, and the actor finance it himself.

But, I love the movie. I have wonderful memories of seeing the film for the first time a long time ago. I saw the film again and I liked it again. I still cannot fathom why it did not work. I mean people loved Costner in films like ‘Message in a Bottle!’ but why not in this one?

I especially love the under-water scenes, when we see a huge city submerged in water. It is a sight to behold, and I can only imagine what it would look like in 3D.

The film tells the story of the distant future where the polar capes have melted and the world is submerged in water, for a long time for the survivors, who have adapted to live in floating devices in a vast sea of endless water, have already forgotten about land, yet, cannot cease from searching for it.

Granted, the film ends as a standard post-apocalyptic action blockbuster which Hollywood is so fond of producing, yet, there is some strange beauty about ‘Waterworld.’

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