Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thodasa Roomani

A very bad screenshot from the Amol Palekar film ‘Thodasa Roomani Ho Jaayen.’ I wish they’d work on the print and release the film in DVD. There was an odd charm about the film, an old-world charm, and it was a musical in the true Hollywood style. Those days...

Saw the film recently in Youtube. The link HERE, if it's still working.

‘Thodasa Roomani Ho Jaayen’ is a Hindi movie directed by Amol Palekar and released in 1990. It features Anita Kanwar, Nana Patekar and Vikram Gokhale as major actors. This movie has become a part of management courses and study pertaining to human behaviour... The movie has a lot of poetry within itself. Anita Kanwar is an unconventional girl lacking confidence. All people around her including her father and brothers keep advising her 'how she should be'. Then, a magician who can bring rain comes to their lives. He helps her to realize the potential of believing. He brings back beauty and confidence to Anita Kanwar. Now, she realizes altogether a different life, just because of believing or changing perception.
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