Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Pilgrim Dreams:

On this day, I am with David Livingstone, in
The wilderness across the Zimbezi river, between
Zambia and Zimbabwe, among the ancient
Trees, nature’s forgotten storehouse dismissed by
Civilisations. Here we stand, in the very place where
The sky meets the earth in a warm embrace, to beget
the dancing river, the first-born, the giver and
the destroyer, the absolute monarch.
Here he stands, the Scott, at the very spot where
The dancing river transforms itself to
‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ — The
‘Cloud that Thunders’...
And the Scott, on this alien plain of
Soil and gushing water,
Discovers himself. He now knows why
He was born, and why he did what he did. He
Now knew everything he ever did, every decision,
Each step forward, and that unyielding curiosity, everything
Was a ploy, a plan to prepare himself for this moment,
This very moment when he’d witness this glorious fall,
The moment of the sky breaking, the heaven
Opening up to offer the mankind the
Nectar of life. This
Water of life, that he’d name
After his Queen...

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