Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Owner

Have you heard of this one? I did not. Apparently, it’s quite a project. The feature film is called ‘The Owner’; it tells the story of a backpack in search for its owner. It was shot in five continents, with numerous characters and numerous languages. That’s not all. The film is directed by, not one, two, or seven (like the new film, ‘7 Days in Havana’), but 25 directors from the world over, including a few from India.

The film premiers on May 25 at select venues at the cities from where the directors hail. So, there would be screenings in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata (And, in Bangalore the next day). Why on May 25th? Because it’s 25-5-(12), 25 directors, 5 continents. Sounds awesome!

Here’s the details from the producers: “The first-of-its-kind CollabFeature film, “The Owner” will premiere around the world on Friday, May 25, 2012. Filmed by 25 filmmakers on 5 continents, “The Owner” follows the adventures of an old backpack that is passed from character to character around the world. As the journey progresses, we learn details about the mysterious man to whom the bag belongs.

The story, written collaboratively over the internet, brings together a variety of cultures, languages, and film styles into a singular narrative plot. On May 25th, the filmmakers, most of whom have never met, will host same-night screenings in theaters in their own cities...”

To sign-up for screening in your city and other details (watch the trailer; it looks swell..), visit the site

Here’s the wikipedia page.

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