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In Andrew Haigh’s beguilingly real same sex romance, ‘Weekend’ (2011), on a regular Friday night, shy and introvert Russell picks up extrovert Glen in a pub for what he thought to be an one-night stand. On Saturday morning, things take a different turn as they come to learn more about each other while discussing their views on various issues.

One issue that Russell is particularly interested in is the stories of “coming out,” especially because he is an orphan and he never had the chance to come out to his parents. As he says, it’s a sort of gay rite of passage, every gay man has to go through it, sooner or later, even when the prospect of coming out to one’s parent is always terrible.

Later, after another round of sex, as they lay on the bed, Glen, very generously offers to play the role of Russell’s father so that the later can come out, if only in his imagination.

The scene goes something like this:

Glen: Do you ever think about finding your parents?
Russell: No, not really.
Glen: Why not?
Russell: I don't really see the point. You know, I don't think it would change anything.
Glen: Why don't I pretend to be your dad and you can come out to me?
Russell: [laughs] That is SO weird.
Glen: Just ignore the fact we just had sex.
Russell: I don't think I can. Guess I'll try. Ok.
[looks Glen in the eye]
Russell: Dad? I got something I need to tell you.
Glen: [pretending to be Russell's dad] What's that?
Russell: I'm gay.
Glen: [pretends to think] Hmm.
Russell: I like guys, not girls.
Glen: [breathes out slowly] Well. You know what, son. It doesn't matter to me. I love you just the same. And guess what?
Russell: What?
Glen: I couldn't be more proud of you than if you were the first man on the moon.

(I copied this sequence of dialogues from In the film, the sequence is little different as you can see in the screenshots. Just click on the first picture to get a slideshow view.)

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