Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Pilgrim Travels:

This is not the destination I seek
I protest.
“But, sir, this is the last station of the world. The end of our journey,” the guard tells me, the lone passenger on this endless train. “You must get down now. We return in a few minutes.”
But, this is not the destination I seek. I repeat.
“What do you want? A return ticket? I can get you one, though it’s not our policy, for this train is always one-way; it would cost you a lifetime.”
I don’t have a lifetime.
“Then, why don’t you just get down. Be gone and leave us alone.”
I’m alone too, and I do not know this place.
“It’s just a place, like any other. It may not be your destination, but it certainly is someone else’s. Take a walk. Explore the place. You may start to like it. There are people who did. It is after all a destination, like any other.”
I get down and the train leaves, never to return.

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