Sunday, February 05, 2012

Chain Change

As the crime reporter files another item on a poor, old lady being robbed of her gold chain worth a lot of money, his colleague wonders why these women haven’t learnt their lessons yet. In the last few years, chain-snatching has become a routine crime in this city of two-wheelers. The police are doing their best, but that’s not enough. As the crime reporter argues, it’s the easiest of crimes to begin with. All you need is a two-wheeler, and a willing partner to drive the vehicle. If you have neither of these, all you need is a sprinter’s skill. You spot a woman with a gold chain, approach her, pull the chain with all your might, and then, run for your life. Easy. But, it’s also very easy to stop these incidents from happening, counters the colleague. Just stop wearing those chains, that’s all. At least stop wearing gold chains when you are out, or wear those cheap imitation ones. If there are no chains to snatch, those snatchers will have to find another vocation for sure. An innovative idea indeed!

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