Sunday, February 26, 2012

Being Human

‘Being Human’ is a charity organisation established by Bollywood actor Salman Khan. It’s just another NGO, only that a superstar is associated with it. And, the star has taken the full advantage of his name to popularise the organsation, to begin with by wearing T-shirts with ‘Being Human’ embossed on them. He also talked about it in public, including at the TV reality show, ‘Bigg Boss’.

The result: Now, everyone knows about ‘Being Human’. Good. And suddenly, the market is flooded with T-shirts with ‘Being Human’ embossed on it. You wonder if all these T-shirts are the merchandise from Mr Khan’s organisation. You doubt it. All these T-shirts are being sold by opportunist businessmen, and being bought by star-struck teen-agers. The point is, everyone wants a piece of Mr Khan’s popularity, and generosity. Mr Khan, however, shouldn’t complain. He’s at least getting his share of publicity.

More about being human here.

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