Thursday, November 24, 2011

Muse India

Time for some self-praise.

I have been very laconic about promoting my own work. I have always believed that you work should speak for itself, you don’t need to promote it.

Now, at 35, I think I was wrong. You need to market yourself. If you want to be known, that is. And, known I want to be.

So. Brace yourself for my first self-promotion.

The current issue of Muse India contains a few poems translated by, yes, your truely. The poems are by great Asomiya poem Nabakanta Barua.

I am sure my English cannot even recreate one percent of Barua's wonderful talent. Still, these poems are my tribute to the great soul. I had met him once, briefly, when he had come to the annual award ceremony to our school in Barpeta a long, long time ago, and he had given me an autograph. A memorable day of my life.

To view the poems, please visit the Muse India page. Thank you very much.

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