Monday, November 07, 2011

“Jilikabo Luitore paar
Endharor bheta bhaangi Pragjyotishyate boi
Jeuti nizarare dhaar
Jilikabo Luitore paar...

“Xoto xoto bandiye, gyanare deepaliye
Jilikabo Luitore paar...

“Sahchipate bhasha dibo, chi-fung-ae asha dibo
Rong-ghore melibo duar
Xamaje xabotibo mahan manabata
Vigyane anibo jowar
Jilikabo Luitore paar...” (Asomiya transcript)

— Bhupen Hazarika

Will illuminate the banks of the river Luit
Breaking the embankment of darkness, in Pragjyotishpur flows
The waves of bright fountains

With thousands of lights, flames of knowledge
Will illuminate the banks of the river Luit

The Sanchi leaves will give us the knowledge, the chi-fung flute hope
And the Rong Ghor will open the doors for us
Society will embrace the greatness of humanity
And Science will overwhelm us.
Will illuminate the banks of the river Luit...

(Bhupen Hazarika wrote this song when the Gauhati University was established a year after the Independence. The great Jyoti Prasad Agarwala designed the main gate of the institute. Years later, the song went on to become the anthem of the North East India’s first university.)

Today, the illuminating light is doused. With the death of Bhupen Hazarika ends an age; a glorious chapter of Assamese history; Thus goes mute the vocal cord that gave us hope, gave us light even in the darkest of times...

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