Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jordi Mollà

And just like that, I am a Jordi Mollà fan.

Jordi Mollà is a well known Spanish actor, perhaps not as well known as Antonio Banderas or Javier Bardem; but he has a body of work that can rival the aforementioned actors. The best part about Mollà is that he’s not the conventional hero material, but can play any role and make it his own.

And this has nothing to do with his striking presence, the open face, those blue eyes...

For the English-speaking world, he appeared as the drug dealer friend to the Johney Depp character in the 2001 film Blow. He also appeared as the antagonist in several Hollywood films, Bad Boys II, Days and Knight and the recent Columbiana. He was also part of Shekar Kapur’s Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

But it’s the Spanish films where his talent comes to the fore, in films like Jamon, Jamon, Second Skin, Son de Mar and La Buena Estrella (The Lucky Star). In the last film, he was phenomenal as a small time thief, who slowly learns the value of love and family in a very unconventional setting.

Mollà is also a filmmaker, writer and artist.

Jordi Mollà films(1992) Jamón, jamón, by J.J. Bigas Luna
(1995) La flor de mi secreto, by Pedro Almodóvar
(1997) La buena estrella, by Ricardo Franco
(1999) Charlie's Angels, by Mateo Gil
(1999) Segunda Piel,by Gerardo Vera
(2001) Son de mar, by J.J. Bigas Luna
(2001) Blow, by Ted Demme
(2002) No somos nadie, directed by himself.
(2003) The Tulse Luper Suitcases: The Moab Story, by Peter Greenaway
(2003) Bad Boys II, by Michael Bay
(2006) Anthony: Warrior of God, by Antonello Belluco
(2007) Elizabeth: The Golden Age, by Shekhar Kapur
(2008) Guerrilla, by Steven Soderbergh
(2009) El cónsul de Sodoma, by Sigfrid Monleón
(2010) Knight and Day
(2010) There be dragons, by Roland Joffe
(2011) Colombiana

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