Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things You Can Do

Things You Can Do With Your Lover’s Wedding Card

You can roll the card and tell your lover to shove it down his a**
(I’m being vulgar; that won’t do!) You can
Fold the card and make an origami boat or
A plane and tell your lover go fly it. You can
Scratch out the other name with a similar green pen
And write your own instead and see how it rhymed better. You can
Hold the card close to your heart and cry your heart out and
Wipe those green letters to find a blank orange paper, where you can
Write whatever you want — about that perfect life
You had with your lover (the impressions of it, anyway) till
That b**** came along (I’m being vulgar; that won’t do!). You can
Burn the card and scatter the ashes from your kitchen window, or
Keep them safe in that copper urn picked up from Juna Bazaar. You can
Keep the card between the pages of your diary as bookmark. You can,
If you are an emotional fool, write a suicide note on the back of the card with
The same green pen and implicate him for your death (Ha! You can
Have the last laugh, though you won’t be there to see it). You can
Actually rejoice, say “good riddance,” and plan your next move. You can
Check the date and plan to attend the wedding anyway (minus the
Gift); the food would be good, and you know
Though you are hurt, you can
Suffer only this much, and you can
Always stop thinking about him.

I’m not sure if these lines have any poetic qualities, but I had immense satisfaction jotting them down, on an orange wedding card with a green pen.

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