Monday, July 11, 2011


The makers of Rango love Westerns. So much so that they had to evoke the spirit of Clint Eastwood, the proverbial The Man With No Name, as the spirit of the west who rides an alabaster carriage with golden angels protecting him (Those are his Oscars.). Anyways, by the time the Eastwood persona appears and gives the eponymous hero the final lesson of life — “you cannot run away from your own story” — you are so much submerged into the tale of a frontier town and it’s varied animal characters exploited by a tortoise and looking for the manna of water, that you’d believe everything, as long as Rango is back to save the day. And does, like the archetypal hero. And, there’s nothing wrong in being a archetypal hero.

The director and the star (Gore Verbinski and Johney Depp) of the infamous Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy returns with a tale so familiar and so fresh that you are seduced to its magical landscape.

In the days and age when talking cars, some of whom turn into bots, dominate our imagination, a green lizard in a red shirt is a welcome break, especially when he sounds the Johnney Depp.

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